Introduce your child to the fundamentals of mechanical engineering with the KizaBot DIY Pumping Unit Model, a stimulating and educational STEM kit that simulates the workings of an oilfield pumping unit. Designed to engage and educate children on the principles of fluid dynamics and mechanical systems, this kit provides a practical and interactive learning experience.

This educational package comes complete with all the necessary components to build a model oilfield pumping unit that demonstrates how these machines operate to extract oil. By assembling this kit, students will gain hands-on experience with gears, levers, and pumps, enhancing their understanding of how such mechanisms are used in real-world engineering.

Perfect for school projects, science fairs, or a fun learning activity at home, the KizaBot DIY Oilfield Pumping Unit Model encourages scientific inquiry and critical thinking. It’s an excellent way for kids to explore advanced concepts in a clear and engaging way. Watch as they piece together this intricate model, bringing the science of oil extraction to life right before their eyes. This kit not only offers hours of educational fun but also sparks curiosity about how things work in the industrial and environmental science fields.

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