Introducing the KizaBot Hydraulic Loader, the ultimate DIY Puzzle Pack STEM Toy that blends the excitement of construction with the principles of hydraulic power. Designed for curious minds and future engineers, this science education set allows you to build your own working model of a hydraulic loader. Through the assembly of this wooden puzzle, learners will discover the basics of hydraulic systems and how they enable heavy machinery to operate.

Perfect for robotics school projects or just for fun, this kit provides a hands-on experience that is both challenging and rewarding. With no batteries or motors, the KizaBot Hydraulic Loader operates using syringes and water to mimic the functionality of a real loader’s arm. It’s an educational adventure that encourages problem-solving, understanding of physics and mechanics, and an appreciation for the way machines enhance our world. Build, learn, and play with the KizaBot Hydraulic Loader!

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