Experience the thrill of defying gravity with Kizabot’s Levitating Orb Experiment! This DIY Electric Air Suspension Kit offers kids a hands-on adventure into the world of physics and aerodynamics. Perfect for young experimenters, this kit combines the joy of building with the amazement of watching an orb effortlessly hover in mid-air. As children assemble the wooden base and position the fan, they’re setting the stage for a captivating demonstration of how air pressure can suspend objects, making it an excellent introduction to scientific principles and forces at play in our everyday lives.

This kit does more than just entertain; it educates. Each component that kids put together helps unravel the mysteries of air currents and levitation. Once the assembly is complete and the switch is flipped, the magic happens: the orb takes flight, creating a mesmerizing display of science in action. It’s the perfect opportunity for kids to engage with concepts such as lift, airflow, and balance in a tangible and memorable way. Beyond the science, there’s room for creativity, too—kids are encouraged to paint and decorate their air suspension models, turning science into art. Dive into a world where education soars with Kizabot’s Levitating Orb Experiment, and inspire your child to reach new heights of discovery.

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