Take your child’s imagination to new heights with the Kizabot 3D Wooden Puzzle Elevator! This Mechanical Kit is a perfect gift to introduce the basic principles of physics and engineering to young minds. Ideal for kids who love to build and understand how things work, this set combines the thrill of construction with the wonders of science. Assembling this kit will not only give them a sense of achievement but also a working model of one of the most essential mechanical devices in our modern world: the elevator.

This educational toy is not just a static model but a working electric elevator that can lift small objects between its levels. Through the building process, children will engage with concepts such as pulley systems, electric circuits, and mechanical movement, offering a tangible understanding of the mechanisms behind vertical transport technology. The accompanying detailed instructions make it an easy and enjoyable build, perfect for a Christmas present or a special STEM activity. Let your children discover the joys of DIY and the basics of mechanical science with the Kizabot 3D Wooden Puzzle Elevator Kit!

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