Introducing the DIY Slide Projector Kit: a fun and educational journey into the world of optics and light for budding scientists and engineers. This STEM puzzle pack is a fantastic way for kids to learn the principles behind projection and magnification while building a working slide projector from the ground up.

Perfect for Rbt school projects or at-home science experiments, this kit encourages children to explore the mechanics of how images can be enlarged and projected onto a surface. With easy-to-assemble parts and clear instructions, kids can construct their own projector and understand the fundamentals of lenses and light.

Ideal for young learners with a keen interest in science and technology, this kit not only teaches practical STEM skills but also sparks creativity as children can create their own slides to display. Dive into the wonders of science education with this interactive DIY Slide Projector Kit and watch your child’s imagination come to light!

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