Step into the realm of magnetic mysteries with KizaBot’s Magnetic Marvel: Levitation & Compass Exploration Kit. This home science kit brings the magic of physics right to your fingertips, allowing kids and curious minds alike to delve into the fundamentals of magnetism and navigation. Crafted with precision, our kit features a minimalist wooden frame that showcases the captivating phenomenon of magnetic levitation. Suspended in the air, the vibrant red and blue magnet serves as a visual spectacle and a hands-on experiment to demonstrate magnetic repulsion. Accompanying the set is a classic compass, guiding learners through the principles of magnetic fields and their role in global orientation. As an educational STEM resource, it is an unparalleled gift that enriches home schooling curriculums and ignites a passion for discovery in every young scientist. Embrace the joy of learning with KizaBot—where play meets possibility.

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